Take the survey

Our new survey, COVID-19, Churches, and Communities: Current Needs and Planning for Recovery covers both the present situation and rebuilding for the future. It wants to hear from everyone whose lives have been affected by the restrictions on access to church buildings and the spiritual, social, and community activities they host. This includes people of all faith/spiritual backgrounds.

  • We want to ask about the key needs in your community now and how restrictions are continuing to affect the lives and wellbeing of people of all ages.
  • We want to collect and share the exciting and creative initiatives that churches across the country have introduced to meet the needs of communities during this period.
  • We want to know what churches can do to support individuals and communities in rebuilding long term – and what support churches themselves will need to achieve this.

The survey should take around five minutes to complete, and gives you a chance to make your voice heard as we continue in responding to and recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey asks:

  • What do COVID-hit communities need most?
  • How have restrictions on churches affected you?
  • What have churches achieved thus far?
  • How can churches help communities through recovery?
  • What support will churches need?

You will find the survey in the box below.